Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool (SMART) - smart

The grade for the resource as automatically determined by the criteria violations.
A full description of the resource from the resource itself, if possible.
Identification and annotation of genetically mobile domains and the analysis of domain architectures.
Last curated
(Optional) The ISO 8601 date of when the resource was last curated.
URL for the resource.
Source type
(Optional) How the resource relates to the data it contains. Current allowable entries are: "unknown", "repository", "source", "integrator", and "warehouse".
Curation status
Whether or not annotation is complete on this resource. Current allowable entries are: "complete", "incomplete", and "nonpublic".
The area of research for the resource.
The type of data the resource contains.
protein domains
(Optional) Tags to describe the resource and its data.
protein domain identification
protein domain annotation
(Optional) Links to the resource's data.
The license that is used by the resource. We use SPDX where we can or: "inconsistent", "public domain", "unlicensed", "all rights reserved", or "custom".
License type
The type of license that is being used. This will be to define compatible data pools in the future; we only use the grossest terms now. If it is not known "unknown" is used. Current possible values are: "unknown", "unlicensed", "copyleft", "permissive", "public domain", "copyright", "restrictive", or "private pool".
License location
(Optional) The link to the resource license.
Focused curation
(Optional) Setting this flag to true indicates that the licensing was combinatorially complicated enough (as is the case in some commercial licenses) that the curator chose to wear a single "hat" during the process. From the site text: "While we try to cover as much of the licensing possibilities of a data resource that we can, in a few cases we may choose a particular "hat" to wear while evaluating to prevent a combinatorial explosion, which may also reduce the clarity of our curations for the community. In these cases, we may take on the role of a (1) non-commercial (2) academic (3) group that is (4) based in the US and trying to (5) create an aggregating resource, noting that other entities may have different results in the license commentary."
(Optional) Structured issues with the license. For every issue discovered with a resource, there should be a corresponding item in the license-issues field that marks the /exact/ violation, along with any comments. This field can be used by resources as the first step to improvement, as well as clarify any surrounding circumstances. Any issues or thoughts about a resource that do not slot into one of the criteria violations can go into the license-commentary field.
Criteria A.2.2: custom license used
Criteria C.1: The main site seems to be a web application, with no bulk access possible.
Criteria C.2: While there is a software download where one may be able to recreate the data and/or website, the evaluator believes that the process and package around it violates access criteria.
Criteria D.1.2: The restrictive licensing terms prevent further reuse.
Criteria E.1.2: The restrictive licensing terms prevent further reuse.
(Optional) Further commentary on the license, possibly including the though process of the curations and things like locations of additional licenses.
• From FAQ: "...[I]f you just want the basic searching can sign a license agreement, and get our set of Hidden Markov Models, alignments and thresholds. The license is free to academics, but not commercial users. For further details on the academic license, visit SMART page at EMBLEM."
• "From "You need te [sic: read to] be a registered User to download EMBLEM Software."
• From EMBLEM page: "License...Academic SMART...(none defined)"
• On registrations and click-through, found license at:
• From license: non-commercial license only covers "public funded academic and/or education and/or research institution or an individual working for such institution"
• From license: "non-exclusive, non-transferable"
• From license: "shall not have the right to download...and/or to make copies...for either internal use or for back-up purposes"
• From license: "software code of the Licensed Software shall be treated as trade secrets and confidential information"
• From license: "Except as otherwise expressly permitted in this Agreement, LICENSEE may not (i) modify or create any derivative works of the Licensed Software or documentation to the Licensed Software, including customization, translation or localization...(iii) redistribute, encumber, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Licensed Software"
• From license: "...agrees to cite the use of the Licensed Software on all related scientific publications, posters, grant applications, institutional reports or brochures"
• From FAQ: "If you are a commerical user, please contact biobyte solutions GmbH. They provide the commercial version of SMART..."
(Optional) Marker noting that there was some extended internal discussion or controversy about the evaluation of the licensing terms. If this is marked at "true", the controversy, or a link to a permanent archive of the controversy, must be sufficiently contained in the "license-commentary" to reconstruct the issues.
(Optional) Resource contact information, link, email, or whatever is public.
(Optional) Semi-structured list of supporting grants.
From latest paper: "German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI); EMBL. Funding for open access charge: European Molecular Biology Laboratory."

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